SCROTOX - It's real and it's becoming more popular

Scrotox is the new trend for men in 2017 extreme grooming

BOTOX for the boys downstairs  (hashtag #Scrotox)

What is “Scotox”?!

The latest trend in extreme grooming has crossed over from Europe and is becoming quite popular stateside. In fact Doctors are expecting this new procedure to become significantly more popular in 2017. Informally called SCROTOX, the procedure involves injecting Botox into the scrota.


Testicular Botox has many purported benefits. One reported benefit is as a treatment for excessive sweating but the primary benefit seems to be that it smooths out the wrinkles on their testes and make them look bigger.  And then there is this - Apparently there are those who have reported that it has improved their sex life!

Wait - What?!

Yup - the buzz is that it increases sensitivity in the boys downstairs...and that… has people talking.

So how does this all go down?

The procedure is painless and involves applying a topical cream to numb the area. Then there are several small injections made with a fine needle into the testicle skin (but not into the sack itself).  The downtime is virtually non existent and the result is a smoother and larger appearance.  

People that have done the procedure have said they tried it because they heard others talk about improved appearance and increased sensitivity. Whether or not curiosity is what brings them in… The end result seems to be bringing them back.

Are there drawbacks?

One Dr warned that if you were trying to have children, there is a possibility that it could temporarily lower your sperm count.  Your testicles expand and contract as a means of of regulating heat. Scrotox causes your testicles to hang lower and appear more full but this may have a temporary effect on temperature regulation which, in turn,  can impact your sperm count.  

How long does it last?

Much like regular BOTOX injections, the results will typically last for around 4 months.

“The results don’t happen immediately”, one man was quoted as saying “ but later that week I noticed my scrotum was more relaxed.” The same patient was also kind enough to elaborate on our questions about sensitivity
“The sex was great!”  he said.

Hmmm - Nuff said.

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