Is Testosterone Therapy Bad For You?


Along with the surge in demand and interest, testosterone therapy has been increasingly associated with negative side effects. While this is a natural part of becoming a more common practice as men accept low T as a medical issue, the majority of these side effects amount to little more than rumors and myth. The doctors at Innovative Men’s Clinic have been providing anti-aging, weight loss, and testosterone therapy services for years, making them foremost experts in the burgeoning field. According to their specialists, testosterone therapy can actually benefit the health of the patient in a variety of ways.

Health Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy

Contrary to some of the myths associated with the procedure, testosterone therapy in fact has ample potential to bolster a man’s health. Here are just a few of the many benefits of testosterone therapy:

  • Mental health: One of the many signs of low T is frequently depression and a lack of positive self image. By returning the body to a state of chemical balance enjoyed in youth, testosterone therapy can decrease symptoms of depression and help patients feel better.
  • Energy: Testosterone therapy patients frequently report having far more restful sleep and and enjoying more prolonged energy throughout the day. It should go without saying that energy and restful sleep are crucial elements in having a high quality of life.
  • Sexual desire and performance: For men, testosterone is a crucial element in maintaining a healthy sex drive, and in being able to adequately perform in bed. One of the primary reasons why men seek out testosterone therapy, it’s arguably the most effective method for combating sexual ailments.
  • Muscle Mass: As men age they often find it difficult to build and maintain muscle mass at the rate they were capable of in their youth. Testosterone helps the body to both build muscle and stay lean, effectively acting as an anti-aging agent.

Ignoring The Noise

For years men opted to keep problems related to low T from their doctors. As medicine has progressed, there’s now no reason why any man should have to live with the symptoms of low T. Both safe and effective, a consultation with one of the doctors at Innovative Men’s Clinic can help you cut through the noise and get the answers you need about the effects and risks associated with testosterone therapy.

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