How To Treat Low Testosterone In Men

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The effects of low testosterone are well documented: erectile dysfunction, bouts of depression, a marked decrease in energy, decline in overall sex drive, weight fluctuations, and winnowing muscle mass. Despite the massive toll these symptoms can take on quality of life, many men opt to keep this medical problem to themselves, believing it to be a part of aging or something that shouldn’t be discussed with a doctor. Thankfully, however, the science behind low testosterone is currently understood better than at any point in history, and there are a wide range of options available to help patients regain their youthful vigor and quality of life.

With just a routine blood test, the experts at Innovative Men’s Health can begin formulating a plan to help restore testosterone to normal levels. With a startlingly high success rate, a myriad of treatment options to choose from, and a money back guarantee, a consultation with Innovative Men’s Health is the first step in reclaiming your life.

Treatment Options:

Though there are a wide range of options to chose from depending on the patient’s condition and needs, a few of the most common testosterone replacement therapies include:

    • Injections. Needed relatively infrequently, testosterone injections are a cheap and effective way to tackle low T.
    • Testosterone Gels. Multiple recent studies have demonstrated a high rate of efficacy when it comes to testosterone gels. Also easy to administer (all it takes is one application to the body per day), it’s a popular choice among patients.The costs can sometimes be prohibitive, however, and there is the risk of skin irritation. Similar benefits and drawbacks apply to testosterone patches (easy application bandages similar to nicotine patches).
  • Testosterone Pellets. Utilising minimally-invasive surgery, testosterone pellets are inserted into the lower back of the patient. The pellets then help to prevent the production of estrogen for the next 3-4 months, and dosages are then altered as needed. Passive and highly effective, it is a common choice.

Other Treatments:

Limited Time Offer from Innovative Men's Health

Limited Time Offer from Innovative Men's Health

At Innovative Men’s Health, doctors understand that there are a wide variety of options available to help combat low testosterone. Some of these options include lifestyle, exercise, and habit changes. The Clinic offers weight loss and anti-aging services, and these tools are often called upon as part of a patient’s testosterone boosting regimen. Patients can expect to change their workout and diet habits as part of their larger plan to restore their lifestyle using both natural methods and modern science.