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What if I told you anyone can lose an average of 5lbs of pure body fat per WEEK and KEEP IT OFF!!! The Ideal Approach isn’t only effective, it’s scientifically proven to work!

The ideal protien diet for men, a safe, effective and proven way to lose weight safely.

To lose weight, one must obviously consume fewer calories than are expended. However, to specifically target fat loss, other factors must be taken into consideration.

The body has 4 compartments of energy from which to draw to meet its metabolic needs. Blood GlucoseGlycogen (Stored Glucose), Muscle, and Fat.

It draws on these reserves in a very specific order, first burning the glucose in the blood and next the glycogen reserve. Once the glycogen is exhausted, then (and only then) it will turn to the muscle and fat compartments to absorb its energy reserves. If, however, we replenish the glycogen stores, then the fat burning stops until it is once again depleted. Two master metabolic Hormones, Insulin and Glucagon mediate how the body switches from one compartment of energy to the next.

How does it actually work?
For a relatively short time we will use an unbalanced diet. We keep the minimum daily protein requirements the same (roughly half a gram of protein per pound of lean body weight) and build the diet around this. Understand, this is NOT A HIGH PROTEIN DIET. We give only the minimum and we do this to spare the muscle. Remember, LOSS OF MUSCLE IS UNACCEPTABLE to us during any diet.

Next, if you want to lose fat, it is logical that we would eliminate most fats from the diet all while giving ample amounts of essential fatty acids. That leaves us with carbohydrates because we do not want to replace glycogen stores, approximately 30 grams per day. This forces the body to stay in fat burning mode 24 hours a day and is therefore called a “Ketogenic Diet”.

Our dieters will consume 4 cups of non-starchy vegetables and 2 green salads a day. This will provide fiber to prevent constipation and they will be given a Multivitamin, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sea-Salt to ensure proper Electrolyte balance. We only provide what you would normally be getting from food groups that we are temporarily taking away. For example Dairy, fruits, and grains.

Limited Time Special from Innovative Men's Health 

Limited Time Special from Innovative Men's Health 

So what do you eat?
The centerpiece of our protocol is the wonderful protein based foods which you will consume during the weight loss phases of the program. These are high biological value proteins containing all 9 essential amino acids and are derived from non-GMO sources. We employ 6 different proteins: Whey Isolates, Soy Isolates, Whole Milk Protein, Albumin, Pea Protein and Hydrolyzed Collagen.

This gives you many options and is designed so folks with sensitivities to dairy, soy, or folks who are vegetarians, may participate in the program. In addition we have almost 2 dozen foods that are certified gluten free. Our products are delicious and we currently have over 50 different products including shakes, juices, bars, soups, chili, pancakes, oatmeal, spaghetti, and many more!

These are foods that are very satisfying providing hot and cold foods, different textures, sweet, salty, and crunchy snacks- all made to taste delicious. You will use these products to build complete meals. Using vegetables, salads, and your choice of protein (i.e. Chicken, fish, etc.) insures full potency and contains about 18 to 20 grams of protein with very little to no fat or sugar. These are easy to prepare and can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle very nicely!

Alternative protocols are in place for our Type 1 Diabetic dieters. This program is similar to the “Ketogenic diet”, except that we give a dairy, fruit, and grain serving every day to prevent you from going into a state of moderate or strong ketosis. Since Type One Diabetics do not produce insulin, a risk of ketoacidosis exists and these patients should not be placed on a strong “Ketogenic diet”. You will, however, still experience closely similar rates of weight loss while still sparing the muscle just as a “Ketogenic dieter” would and usually find that you can substantially decrease your insulin requirements!

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