Mood Enhancement

Mood Enhancement

Depression and low oxytocin are related

We check your oxytocin levels and make adjustments to get you feeling BETTER! Oxytocin is a natural hormone secreted by the brain that in the past has been mostly correlated with pregnancy and breast feeding.

Modern research has shown that both men and women produce oxytocin and it is crucial for social confidence and sexual enjoyment.1,2,3

Some individuals may have low oxytocin levels for a number of reasons such as a genetic predisposition or environmental influences.

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Oxytocin In Men & Women

Women, after menopause, will have greatly reduced levels of oxytocin which can cause major relationship problems. In women, oxytocin production in the brain is greatly effected by estrogen levels, which decline after menopause.

It is no surprise that many marriages end in divorce after mid-life. Women experience more loneliness and less life satisfaction after menopause.4 Before menopause women’s hormone levels increase their ability to care for others and maintain relationships and after menopause the hormones that supported these relationships decline.

To learn more about the stages of life in women that are effected by hormone levels read “The Female Brain” by Louann Brizendine, MD.

In men, oxytocin is very important to help maintain empathy.5 Oxytocin enables men to share their emotions and be empathetic towards the emotions of others. Testosterone tends to decrease our empathetic abilities so having adequate oxytocin is very important.6

In defense of testosterone therapy for men, the tendency of testosterone to decrease empathy is only in respect to negative emotions (anger, disgust, fear) and responses to non-threat emotions such as sadness, happiness, and surprise are less effected.7,8

Interestingly, oxytocin increases male empathy while improving your stress response.2 For example, in a disagreement you need to understand where your partner is coming from, relay how you feel, and do this without losing your “cool”. Oxytocin can help so much in this respect I feel. It can be subtle for some men but others are likely to notice the change.