Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction may be a sensitive topic, but the condition is fairly common, so if you’re male then it’s best to educate yourself on the potential causes and treatments of this condition. In the United States alone more than 18 million men over age 20 are affected by ED. Erectile dysfunction, also called impotence, is a condition which prevents a man from achieving an erection. Other symptoms may include a reduction in sexual desire or libido.

Although the condition is so common, it’s extremely treatable. So if you find yourself struggling to perform during sexual intercourse make sure to see your doctor to discuss the many available options. Below is a list of just five of the most common, and least intrusive treatments of this condition.

Viagra, Levitra and Cialis

These little pills are the first line of defence for most ED sufferers. They’re extremely small, and in most cases extremely effective. According to several studies, these drugs are effective in about 80% of cases. Although they’re all slightly different, the underlying idea is the same – they all work by increasing blood flow to promote a healthy erection. Additionally, these treatments are fairly low risk and the only potential side effects are nasal congestion and headache.

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Vacuum Pump

Not the most popular choice for treating ED, but it’s a great alternative to men that can’t (or don’t want to) take erectile dysfunction drugs. Vacuum pumps help ‘manufacture’ an erection by placing a plastic cylinder over the penis and pump the air out of it – forcing blood flow. When an erection is achieved, a plastic ring slides onto the base of the penis and holds the erection.


This treatment is definitely not for everybody, considering that it involves an insertion of medicine directly into one’s urethra. MUSE is an FDA approved, dissolvable pellet that can be inserted directly into the opening of the penis. In most cases, it will trigger an automatic erection in about 10 – 15 minutes that may last upwards of an hour. While this treatment may prove to be effective, some of the side effects are off-putting. These may include aching sensation, redness, burning, and even minor bleeding.

Shock Wave Therapy

The idea behind using shock waves to treat erectile dysfunction comes from the idea of revascularization. Revascularization is the process in which blood vessels regrow, and according to several research papers, low-energy shock waves can stimulate that needed growth. That being said, most places have not yet approved shock wave therapy as an ED treatment due to the lack of supporting data. Although future research is needed, the idea looks quite promising.

Penile Injection

While the idea of penile injections may be off-putting for some, it’s not usually the first line of defence. In most cases, men will opt for this method if they can’t take any oral treatments for one reason or another. If you do, however, opt for penile injections the results are nearly instant. Alprostadil, amongst others, is a drug that can be used to trigger an automatic erection by injection it into the penis.

Listed above are just 5 of the many available treatments for erectile dysfunction. Before making up your mind and settling on a treatment, it’s important to discuss your options with a qualified medical professional.