Weight Loss at Innovative Men’s Health

Weight Loss at Innovative Men’s Clinic

At Innovative Men’s health, our patients come to us with a multitude of health concerns, from fatigue and sexual function to sleep and body weight. The signs and symptoms of low testosterone are many and can affect any system in the human organism.

Weight gain is one of the most ubiquitous complaints that men have when they come to us as new patients. We have routinely worked with patients to improve hormonal balances that help with metabolism and weight loss, and have been known to give a lot of dietary advice as well. However, many of our patients aren’t aware that we have much more structured weight loss plans as well!

Why being overweight is bad for you / why overweight people should lose weight

While you may hear that being overweight causes many illnesses, in reality being overweight is a symptom of problems that also lead to other illnesses. That may be a small distinction, but the idea is that the things that lead to weight loss also improve and/or prevent many of the illnesses associated with being overweight. Here are just a few reasons to lose weight:

• Being overweight is associated with an increased risk for various types of cancer.
• Losing weight improves cardiovascular health, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.
• Losing weight prevents and/or improves diabetes and metabolic syndrome
• Losing weight improves overall happiness from increased physical ability/decreased physical disability, improved self image and confidence, more energy, and many other general wellness improvements.
• Losing weight can help improve knee and joint problems, sleep apnea, fertility and sexual problems, memory and risk for Alzheimer’s, and countless other conditions.
• In general, if it is associated with aging, losing weight will likely improve it.

Our Programs

We have three main options for medically supervised weight loss programs. They all involve various levels of personal effort on the part of the patient. The most basic level is the testosterone treatment with dietary counseling. This method involves referrals to dietary information, such as The Primal Blueprint, a book by Mark Sisson, or other Paleo/Ancestral inspired lifestyles. This method requires the most work for the patient, leaving dietary habits,meal planning, shopping and all associated tasks in the hands of the patient. This method works well for people with the time to do a lot of reading and research on their own. It’s also the most gradual method for losing weight, as this is not a “diet” per se. Rather, this is a different way of eating. It is a lifestyle change that along with hormone balancing, can be very effective at building muscle and losing fat. Many patients report that the weight shown on their scale doesn’t really change much, but as a result of gaining muscle and losing fat, their clothes fit much better or they have to go down a few sizes in the waist.

Limited Time offer from Innovative Men's Health

Limited Time offer from Innovative Men's Health

Next is the HCG diet. HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. At Innovative, we have modified this diet because we don’t feel that limiting one’s nutritional intake to 500 calories per day is a very good idea. HCG is also part of the Testosterone therapy. In the HCG diet, HCG’s main purpose is to stimulate a little bit of testosterone production with the aim of preserving muscle mass which could otherwise be lost on a 500 calorie per day diet. However, with testosterone therapy that includes HCG, we have done several steps better in the hormone and muscle retention (or gain) direction. With a 1000 calorie per day diet, fat loss is still quite dramatic. Like the self-guided Primal Blueprint or other Paleo/Ancestral lifestyle changes, the IMH HCT with Testosterone weight loss program is also self-guided. It follows the HCG diet food lists but adds more of them so that you get adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein, and healthy fats.

Our flagship weight loss program is relatively new to IMH. We are very proud offer the Ideal Protein medically supervised diet. Several men on the Innovative Men staff have lost very impressive amounts in a short amount of time without losing muscle and without any undesirable effects. Ideal Protein provides dieters with continual education as well as weekly consultation and meal plans. Ideal Protein is far more than just a diet. Learning how to maintain a stable weight after dieting is the ultimate goal, and the four-phase Ideal Protein approach has a proven track record internationally. Ideal Protein is being offered at our Federal Way and Bellevue offices. Each office as a Weight Loss Coach that patients meet with on a weekly basis. The coaches help keep patients motivated and educated. Ideal Protein isn’t just a diet. The four-phase approach is a way to transition from a medical weight loss regimen to a new lifestyle way of eating that promotes healthy weight maintenance so that patients don’t “gain it all back.’ Much more information can be had at the link in the previous paragraph.