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See what others are saying:

More energy since beginning TRT

“I’ve felt quite a bit more energy since beginning TRT which has been a God sent in both my sleep patterns and sex life.”

– Anonymous Patient

New clothes and a new me

“New clothes and a new me. I know that I will never be fat again. I will always think before I eat. I won’t go back to eating starches and sugars like I did before. I know that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.”

– Anonymous Patient

Exceptional Experience!

My experience with IMH was exceptional. I came with specific concerns and they provided effective solutions in a casual and informative way. They also provided additional information for my consideration which I expect to followup on in the near future. In addition they have been helpful with phone conversations regarding questions and clarifications as I work through the program.”

– Anonymous Patient

You are helping me greatly!

“I have felt better since starting this with you, and thank you for listening and helping. You are helping me greatly!”

– Anonymous Patient

You have given me a new life and a new wife

“I am happy to have found the much needed service Innovative Men’s Clinic provides. You have given me a new life and a new wife. Thx a lot!”

– Anonymous Patient