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Medical Weight Loss may sound like a treatment that involves a lot of medication and harmful procedures, but that is far from the truth. Learn how the Innovative Men’s Health approach stands apart from the diets you have tried in the past.


At Innovative Men's Health, our medical weight loss solution may also include one or more of the following services:

What is a Medical Weight Loss Program?

Medical weight loss is actually proven to be more reliable than the weight loss plan you would get from a gym or personal trainer. Because of the medical equipment in our facilities and a team of experts, you are guaranteed to get the best advice and see results on a regular basis. We are here to support and encourage you during your weight loss process, but also here to keep you accountable to your desired goals. We are dedicated to your success. 

I have tried diets before with no success.

As we age, it becomes harder, if not impossible, to get rid of unwanted weight gain. It seems no matter what we do, nothing works and eventually - we just feel like giving up. What if I told you it may not be your fault?!.

How is Medical weight loss diets different?

First off - It is essential to know your body before doing anything to it. You may be exercising with little or no results and not realizing why you’re not losing weight. At Innovative Men's Health, you receive a plan tailored around your exact body specifications. We look at your entire holistic health profile and devise a program that will allow you to see results much faster. Because we are Doctors, we can offer more options when it comes to developing a program than other like minded weight loss facilities. Innovative offers the peace of mind knowing that we aren't guessing at solutions, We won't be doing anything that could be harmful to your overall health. We are just focused on helping you achieve the kind of "life changing" results, we know you are capable of.  

Innovative Men's Health: Ready to take your game to the next level?

Innovative Men's Health: Ready to take your game to the next level?

What is the Innovative Men's Health approach?

We pay special attention to devising a plan that takes into account your current vs. optimal activity levels, and the demands of your home life and work life. We provide a clear, logical, step-by-step approach to weight loss that helps men reach their weight loss goals systematically.

We focus on a body weight set point philosophy.

At Innovative Men's health, we follow what we call the body weight set point philosophy because it is proven and effective. When you come in for your consultation, Our doctor will look at your current health and eating patterns to determine the best way to help you shed weight and keep it off without the Yo-Yo effect often  

1. Quality of the foods you are eating.  lab studies have found that the quality of foods have a strong impact on overall weight and can help reduce weight by as much as 15%.

2 Hormones: Evidence shows that addressing hormone imbalance, we can create an immediate drop in weight and optimize the metabolic profile of the patient.

3.Medications: Medications will help further optimize metabolic rate, balance your hormones, diminish hunger pangs and minimize reactive eating impulses. 

How do I track diet progress?

Using the InBody Scale we measure your segmental muscle/fat analysis and understand your muscle/fat distribution, allowing us to clearly track your progress.

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What's included in the Innovative Medical Weight loss solution?

  • HCG*

  • Labs (Thyroid, Testosterone and Metabolic panels)**

  • Nutrient Optimization + 1 free Myers cocktail included

  • (Daily vitamins and or Myers Cocktail**)

  • Dietary education

  • 1/month visit for follow ups and to track progress

  • bi-monthly weigh-ins and vitals with our InBody Body composition.

*as prescribed by physician / **ask for pricing if interested.


What Kind of Results are Possible?

What to expect: 

  • Lose inches off your waistline

  • Lose fat, (not muscle)

  • Face & neck become trimmer

  • Feel more energized

  • Noticeable increase in metabolism

  • Experience an increase in overall well-being & health

  • A lot more compliments

You can't succeed if you don't start. Let us help you achieve your goals.


"If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed."

~David Viscott (famed psychiatrist & radio personality)


Schedule your appointment today and find the new you.

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You deserve to make a change and be the best you, you can be.

Benefits of Innovative Men's Health medically supervised weight loss program

Customized Doctor Assessment and Diet Plan

At Innovative Men's Health, you will start out by having a certified medical professional evaluate your current physical condition, food choices, and activity level. The doctor will then use this information to create a custom plan that’s easy for you to understand and adhere to. We succeed only when you do.

Exercise Tips and Instruction Suited to Your Individual Needs

No matter your exercise history and activity level, At Innovative Men's Health our doctor will be able to structure a program that will be challenging and possible for you to complete.

Complete Medical Workup

The best part about a medically supervised program is that you won't go into it guessing – or hoping – for results. You can rest easy knowing that we aren't prescribing anything that could be harmful to your health. We look at your entire weight loss program holistically and develop a program suited to your exacting needs. As Doctors, we are able to explore a variety of options that other such programs aren't able to offer. For this reason, we are so sure of success that we can **guarantee results.  We are here to ensure you succeed.

Forming Healthy New Habits

Starting any new weight loss program may seem overwhelming at first. It is important to understand that we are focusing on a permanent lifestyle changes. Your Innovative Men's Health doctor is committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals, and keeping the weight off. We will be the accountability partner you require in order to make these habits a permanent part of your life.

Health and Aesthetic Results

The best part of the medically supervised innovative health program, are the ones you feel throughout the process. You may not notice your physical weight loss results at first, but within a few weeks, you’ll begin to feel healthier and have more energy to do the things you want to do. Once your new habits become an ingrained part of your everyday life, you’ll start to notice how much better you look as you shed the pounds. You will be surprised at how motivating it can be when your friends,family, and co-workers can't help but comment on how amazing you look.

**While individual results may vary, we offer a money-back guarantee for any patient that experiences no results.