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Welcome to Innovative Men's Health. The following material provided to you on this page is from our Intake Packet. As a convenience to our patients, we are offering the ability to download the forms required and fill them out prior to your appointment. We expect this will expedite your service and minimize the in office time waiting for the packet to be completed. 

First of all, thank you for allowing Innovative Men's Health the possibility of serving you. In return for your trust in us, we promise to do all we can to meet your highest expectations. We take our expertise and professionalism seriously, with the best medical treatments offered today.

A few things we would like you to know:

At Innovative Men's Health, we will treat you as an individual person and not like a number.

If you decide to allow us to serve you, this will be a process. We do not make promises of superhuman overnight transformations like you see in the movies. If you've experienced a decline in one (or more) areas of concern over the last decade, then the ultimate success of our effort to reverse that trend will also take some time.

While many of our patients have noticed results early on, It will take time to achieve the results that are optimal to your specific goals. We tell our patients from day one: Be Patient.

In addition to providing us with information requested in these intake forms, your intial visit will include a private consultation with a licensed physician. Durring the consultation you will be asked what made you decide to come see us and we will answer all of your questions. With your consent, agreement, and understanding, any physical exams (and/or lab tests that are medically indicated), will either be completed or initiated during this visit.

If you choose to proceed with a treatment plan on the day of your first appointment, your payment for the treatment plan will be due. That being said, we are not a sales staff. we are a clinic of experienced professionals equipped to be a source of accurate information. We will provide you the information, but what you do with it is up to you.

We DO NOT offer "one-day-only-pricing", or any such inducements to persuade anyone to work with us. We are here to educate. Armed with what you need to know, the decisions to move forward is entirely up to you. While most patients who come to us are ready to act and get started with a treatment plan immediately, we understand that this might not be you, and that is ok with us.

Lastly, you will find that we love handling even the most difficult questions. So, Whenever you have one, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks again for choosing Innovative Men's Health.

Dr. William Washington

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Please download and print the following "Intake packet" and bring it to your first appointment.

Intake packet

You can also upload the completed documents and submit them here