botox, fillers & PRP for youthful appearance

* According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Recent laboratory studies have shown that the increased concentration of growth factors in PRP can potentially speed up the healing process. 

Currently only available at our Bellevue office.

Learn more Injectables, fillers, Botox, and PRP solutions for men.

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What are Injectables, fillers, and PRP and how are they used?

Injectables and fillers are a cosmetic procedure used to smooth skin, soften wrinkles, tighten, and in some cases it stimulates your body’s own collagen. 

BOTOX®: is used to paralyze or weaken muscles that are furrowing or wrinkling the skin.

FILLERS: fillers last approx 6 months to a year and are used (primarily on the face) as a cosmetic treatment to smooth wrinkles or pitted scars in the skin,  

PRP: Plasma Rich Platelet activation plays a key role in the process of wound and soft tissue healing and is the newest form of filler injection. We separate out the plasma rich platelets from your own blood and can use all over your face as filler.

PRP helps induce your own collagen and elastin and can be used areas typically where filler doesn’t work as well.

PRP can also be used with microneedling to help with healing and to speed recovery.

Are men really getting Botox?

Absolutely! The pressure for today's man to appear younger and competitive in today's job market is simply crushing. Recent studies conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that the number of men opting for Botox has increased 376% since 2000. A similar boom is happening with other noninvasive procedures like fillers and laser skin treatments.

"Combine the availability of easy outpatient treatments with wider cultural acceptance and an increased emphasis on the value of youth in the workforce and what you've got is the makings of a mini-revolution."

GQ magazine